About Biofaktor

Veterinary is our passion, not a profession. We have raised from agriculture tradition. Our headquarter is located in Skierniewice- a city considered as Polish capital of gardening and agriculture. 

Respect for fauna and flora is the fundamental value of our company. 

Zakłady Farmaceutyczne Biofaktor Sp. z o.o.  were created in 2000 in Skierniewice and here is one of our plant, where liquid forms of medicines, vitamin supplements, and dietary supplements are produced. Our second factory is located in Gorzów Wielkopolski where solid forms e.g. suppositories and creams are made.

In 2002, Biofaktor and Interbiowet merged in Gorzów Wielkopolski where the veterinary medicines and nutritional preparations for animals had been produced since 1989.

Biofaktor is currently a technologically advanced pharmaceutical plant where antibiotics, sulfonamides, compound feeds, dietary supplements, syrups, ointments and creams, suppositories and vaginal globules are produced.

Both plants have integrated quality assurance systems GMP, HACCP, ISO 9001: 2008, and the plant in Gorzów Wielkopolski, additionally, CE certificate for medical devices according to EN ISO 13485: 2012 and AC; 2012 and Medical Device Directive 93/42 / EEC.

We have the experienced staff of chemists and pharmacists as well as well-equipped research and development laboratories where work on new medicines is carried out from the implementation project to its registration and production.

Biofaktor performs as CMO of medicinal products and dietary supplements for many recognized pharmaceutical companies, and thanks to foreign exhibitions the company is able to gain customers from all over the world.

Due to the stable development and cyclical growth of the market share, on 1 February 2016  Biofaktor began with the expansion of the production plant in Gorzów Wielkopolski by a further 7,500 sqm of the production and storage space. We will start production of sterile eye drops, ear drops, and medical devices.

The medicines and preparations produced in Biofaktor are exported to many countries of the world such as Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Uzbekistan, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, USA, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Germany and other EU countries. 

An inherent business partner of Biofaktor is Veterinary Medicines Wholesale - INEX. The INEX company deals in importing goods.

INEX was founded in 1989 and since 1993 the company has been mainly focused on the wholesale of the animal pharmaceuticals.

At the moment, we distribute the products of Aveflor, Biofaktor, Bioveta, Chirmax, Duna-Coop, Sywa.

An organized network of 20 regional representatives ensures constant contact with all veterinary doctors in Poland.

About DogShield

DogShield is a premium brand of the Biofaktor company that includes a set of dog products that common feature are high quality, proven performance, the safety of use and usability.

DogShield includes:

1. Complete feed

2. Complementary feed (sometimes referred to as "dietary supplements" for animals)

3. Dietetic complementary feed, dietary products intended for dogs that require special dietary needs, often suffering from chronic diseases that are not subject to ordinary treatment,

4. diagnostic tests for the detection in blood or faeces of antigens or antibodies associated with the most important infectious diseases

The diet change can help your dog to deal with many health problems as long as the suitable compound feed is provided.

The DogShield Diet program brings solutions to common clinical problems such as joint, skin, liver, kidney and immune disorders.

The DogShield series includes dietetic complementary feed intended to provide particular nutrition purposes of animals whose absorption, assimilation or metabolism processes are or may be temporarily or irreversibly affected by the diseases.

The composition of dietetic complementary feed is regulated by the EU regulations. Their effectiveness in practical application is exceptional, equal to the effectiveness of medicinal products, therefore they can be used according to therapeutic indications and should be administered after consultation with a veterinarian.

Each patient is different and requires an individual approach and we are ready for it!