DogShield - the complementary feed and dietetic feed

DogShield Program is a set of dog food products, which consist of:

- Complete feed,

- Complementary feed,

- Dietetic complementary feed (for particular nutrition purpose), so that, the owner of the animal, with the help of the veterinarian, can provide a suitable diet for each dog, also in the event of threat of disease or treatment.

Every patient is different and requires an individual approach.

The diet change can help your dog to deal with many health problems as long as the suitable compound feed is provided.

The DogShield Diet program brings solutions to common clinical problems such as joint, skin, liver, kidney and immune disorders.

The DogShield series includes dietetic complementary feed intended to provide particular nutrition purposes of animals whose absorption, assimilation or metabolism processes are or may be temporarily or irreversibly affected by the diseases.

The composition of dietetic complementary feed is regulated by the EU regulations. Their effectiveness in practical application is exceptional, equal to the effectiveness of medicinal products, therefore they can be used according to therapeutic indications and should be administered after consultation with a veterinarian.

DogShield programs