Currently, there are numerous of dog product available on the market that main goal is to enrich pet’s diet with the selected ingredients. Such products are complementary feeds, sometimes referred to as "food supplements" for animals.

Complementary feeds usually contain vitamins, microelements, other substances of plant or animal origin that regulate metabolism. Amino acids and probiotic bacteria are mainly used to prevent dietary deficiencies. The compound feeds can also be used to improve health, and even to treat animals if they have the right composition and meet the legal requirements.

The importance of complementary feeds in animal health regulation is increasing. If they are used to improve health, in addition to medical treatment conducted by a doctor, their quality must match the quality of medicines.

DogShield - the compound feeds of medicines quality. 

How to understand the DogShield quality?

DogShield products are manufactured in the standards of medicines. That does not just mean using identical machines or infrastructure of a pharmaceutical company. It is equally important to implement in the production of DogShield blends, the procedures used to manufacture medicines. Such procedures go beyond direct production and guarantee the high quality of medicines. Everything starts at the stage of the idea and planning the composition of the future product. They relate to the qualitative tests of the manufactured product and efficacy studies in appropriately planned clinical trials. The product in the quality of the medicine is also constantly monitored on the market to guarantee its quality, effectiveness and safety.

The quality of DogShield includes:

DogShield quality is a wide range of activities: from the idea to the practical application of the blend, which is to guarantee the highest quality, practical operation, the safety of use and usability.

Only a pharmaceutical company with extensive experience in the production of veterinary medicines can provide such quality.