The proper diet is a foundation and the best way to ensure your dog’s particular nutrition purposes. The DogShield program has been created because each dog is unique, and may need special care in the field of nutrition.

The DogShield program is a set of the complementary and dietetic food which are intended for use in disorders of selected organs or systems in a dog.

DogShield blends can be used independently or together with DogShield dog food. At the moment, the DogShield program consists of 15 complementary feeds and 4 complete feeds and is still under development.

Along with DogShield, you can help your dog in situations that require a particularly individual approach in the field of nutrition, in situations where the proper addition to the feed will prevent or limit the development of the disease, and even help the doctor in the treatment. 

Short lecture,  Ph.D. Vet. Wojciech Karlik - "DogShield Programs" - 3:03